4 Online Tools for Designing Beautiful (and Easy) Content


In today’s marketing, great visual content is a must. It’s impossible to escape from it. If you get on Facebook right now and scroll for a minute, you’ll have a hard time finding any sort of post that isn’t visual. It doesn’t matter who you are - if you’re promoting yourself online, you’re gonna have to do it in a visual, eye-catching way if you want any chance of grabbing people.

Great designers aren’t anywhere close to being in short supply, but that doesn’t mean that making great visual content is something well out of reach for anyone who doesn’t have a degree in Graphic Design. These days there are many entry-level design suites that exist entirely online, all focused on the creation of the exact kind of dazzling colorful social graphics you see on your own feed. Since this software completely focuses on creating a very specific type of content, the process is simplified to work for just about anyone who’s interested in making graphics for their advertising. 


Here’s an in-house favorite of ours! Canva is a free online platform that covers just about every base in the social media landscape. Social media posts, for sure, but plenty more than that. There are pre-made templates for just about any design you can think of. Everything from infographics to posters to even book covers. You can even make logos. No joke. Then you have the best feature, magic resize. If you work on multiple platforms, all it takes is one click on the magic resize button to immediately resize your graphic to any other size. 

Try it out here!


Very similar in functionality to Canva, only this one has integration with Buffer! So if you use Buffer for your social scheduling and posting, Snappa streamlines your workflow. The free version is far more limited, but the price of admission for the next tier is $10, an easy asking price for fast, efficient content generation with a focus on consolidating your processes.

Give it a shot!


The online economy of content is rife with quote graphics. For whatever reason, if you put words up on a pretty canvas, they become profound. You could probably get away with just posting quote graphics. ReciteThis has made creating these graphics take next to no time at all. It might be the easiest tool you try out here (though it is limited). Just put in a quote and you’re done.

Click here and see how quick it is.


This is another hyper-specific tool that can get the job done fast. Piktochart specializes in infographics, with up to 600 free design templates. That library is updated weekly, so finding a style for your brand that stays fresh is easy as cake. Easy editing tools make it a breeze, and many features like Google Drive implementation make this tool an easy pick for anyone looking to expand their brand into the visual spectrum.

Be on your way to making beautiful infographics.

Keep in mind that these are no replacement for a focused design suite like Adobe CC, you can only put together what you can within the limitations of the software. But if you’re wanting to jump on the visual content train and you don’t have the know how to do so, software tools like these will open that door for you. Even if you’re a Photoshop pro, you can still use software like this to supplement your workflow and delegate smaller projects to an online suite that can pump the graphic out much quicker. Your mileage may vary depending on who you are, but keep software like this in mind when planning your next quarter strategy! You might be able to speed up a few things!


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