Showcase Blog: Smart Fishing Trip Giveaway

Earlier this year, we decided to take Smart Auto Group’s marketing strategy in a new direction. We wanted to showcase their brand as Arkansas's Dealership, and to do that, we needed to hit all sides of their marketing plan. 



The first thing we did (and probably the best) was hire Steve “Wildman” Wilson to be Smart’s new spokesman. He’s a very recognizable personality from his TV show, radio show, and as the former PR director for The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, but he's also the perfect embodiment of the adventurous Arkansan spirit. We want people to associate Smart Auto Group with exploration, adventure, and enjoying the great outdoors. In the words of Wildman, “It’s always a great day to get out and explore the Natural State, but you need a good vehicle to get you there!”


Engaging Customers

To reinforce this new direction with our social media, we decided to have monthly contests where instead of giving away prizes, we give away experiences. We’re giving away everything from guided fishing and hunting trips, float trips, getaway packages, Elk tours, golf trips, and more. Social media boosted posts and ad campaigns help get Wildman's videos and our contest posts in front of existing and new customers! These contests have generated a ton of engagement and excitement for the Smarts. 

For the month of March, we gave away a guided fishing trip on the Little Red River. Beau Saunders from The Cabins at Lobo Landing was happy to partner with us to give our winners a free stay at a private waterfront cabin and a free morning of guided fishing. The contest winner, Matt, decided to bring his nephew and brother along for the trip. More than anything, he wanted to see his nephew Creed have the time of his life. Fortunately, our fishing guide David ‘Mountain Man’ Mitchell did not disappoint!


Smart Fishing Trip

After a hearty breakfast at the Lobo Landing Marina, Mountain Man taught Creed how to set the hook and reel em’ in! The weather was cool and perfect, and our boat was filled with laughter and excitement. By the end of the day, we'd caught 33 rainbow trout! 

When we finally pulled back in to the marina, we ran into a couple of game wardens from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Of course, they both were good buddies of Wildman and Mountain Man. One of the wardens sauntered over to little Creed and asked, “Young man, have you been wearing that life jacket all day?” Creed nervously looked up and answered, “Yes sir!” Without a word, the warden pulled out a special yellow ticket, wrote Creed’s name on it, and handed it to him. The ticket was redeemable for a free ice cream cone from Sonic! We all had a good laugh and thanked the wardens for their company and encouragement.

One of the greatest things in the world is seeing a father introduce his son to traditions that will blossom into a lifelong passion. We’re so grateful to have a client that understands the significance of helping their customers have amazing experiences and memories that last a lifetime. 

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