The Forge

About The Forge
We get a lot of comments about our posts on social media. One of the most common things people say is, "It looks like y'all have a lot of fun there." It's true, we do. BUT...we also work our butts off. As part of our brand relaunch, we plan to show you a glimpse of what goes on in a typical month. We're calling this The Forge, which is a reflection of the blue collar mentality we bring to the advertising industry. Each month, we plan to summarize the previous month in videos like the one above. To learn more about our work philosophy, check out Our Manifesto.

The Grind
February was an insanely busy month for us. We pushed ourselves to new limits and accomplished a lot. Things were buzzing, especially since we sent the creative team out on a little road trip to Texas, launched FIVE websites and started the onboarding process for five new clients.

Love Thyself
One thing that plagues the advertising industry is the inability to market ourselves. It' s not that we don't know how, it's just...where are we going to find the time? Well, we've made a commitment to do just that. Hell, we even wrote a little summary about it called Following Our Own Advice. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter below for more updates. We promise we'll make it entertaining!