Legends Of Arkansas

The Brief

This year, Aaron Reddin (from The Van and The One, Inc.) has taken over leadership of Legends Of Arkansas, a popular local music festival in Little Rock drawing a crowd of around 10,000 people annually. Legends Of Arkansas celebrates everything, well, Arkansas, featuring a variety of local musicians, breweries, and vendors. All proceeds from this year's event directly benefits The Van's homelessness outreach efforts. So, when Aaron needed help with the digital marketing and branding of this year's event, Agency501 answered!

To brand the event, our art director Dylan Yarbrough, illustrated a visual merge between the recently completed Broadway Bridge and a guitar. Aaron's digging the illustration so much, he's actually getting it tattooed on his forearm, which is pretty freaking cool. Agency501 also created a poster and a series of social media posts to promote the event and its cause. Our video production team also made a great highlight reel of their fundraising event, Legends Of Argenta.