Traditional Advertising

The advertising industry has made a definite shift towards digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean that traditional advertising isn’t a good fit for your business goals. Our agency’s owners got their start in the TV industry, and they know when, how, and why it still works for clients. We’re rough and tough negotiators who know what to do to make your budget goes as far as possible. When considering traditional advertising options for your organization and who should represent you in those negotiations, there are some key factors that you should look at.

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making old-school advertising work:

1. The “Who” and the “What”

We sit down and discover who you should target and how to reach them. Deeper than just demographics, we dive into the psychographics of your target audience and create unique buyer personas that tell us who, exactly, you’re targeting and what avenues we should explore in order to reach them.

2. Budgeting

Your money is valuable and important. Finding the right media mix for your budget is paramount in the success of traditional advertising. Give us your budget, and we’ll determine the best media breakdown for your advertising and overall business goals. Maybe 60% of your media budget should go towards social media ad platforms. Perhaps only 25% should go towards TV spots. We’ll figure out how to slice and dice your budget to make sure your dollars go farther.

3. Media Negotiations

One of our media buying team’s top priorities is negotiating on your behalf for the best possible spend for your money. We want each dollar of your budget to go farther than just a TV spot or a social ad; we want it to get you the best results possible. How do we do that? Our owners have more than 20 years of combined experience in the TV industry. They know what a good deal looks like, and they know when to push the envelope for something better. Clients want the best of the best negotiating for their media buys. That’s us.

4. Accountability

Where a lot of agencies fail in the media buying and traditional advertising landscape is in the aftermath of a buy. Our job doesn’t end when we place that buy and secure your media spot. We make sure that you get exactly what you paid for, or more. Did the spot run at the right time, on the right channel? We’ll make sure that it did.

5. Gatekeeping

Business owners are constantly bombarded with media inquiries. What channels do you use? Are you interested in trying a new provider? Have you ever considered trying out ads on Yelp? You have much more important things to do all day than fielding endless calls trying to convince you to spend more money on something that may or may not be a good fit for your business goals or target audience. That’s where we step in.

We’ll absorb all of those calls, so that every call you get can be answered with a simple “Agency501 represents us on all media matters. Please contact them with any questions or inquiries.” After a few weeks, you’ll notice that your phone doesn’t light up with so many unwanted calls about media buys. Honestly, this might be our clients’ favorite service that we offer.

6. Reporting

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll handle the reporting for your media buys. Did that spot get the results we were looking for? Did it reach your audience? How should your media schedule change in the following months? We’ll answer those questions for you and help you figure out your next steps. Then the process starts over again. We’re constantly evolving our strategy to keep up with the changing trends of the industry and your audience.